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    Only The Best Bike Lights!

    We are an official UK Dealer of Magicshine lights within the UK. That's why we offer such fantastic value for money on our range of front and rear bike lights. As well as bicycle lights, we also offer the full charging systems and additional head gear to make your cycling experience exactly the way that you want it.


    In addition to the basic front light / back light range, we also sell discounted bundles which include everything you need to make your bicycle well lit at night.


    We want everyone to be able to get to grips with their magicshine LED bike lights quickly and easily, so we supply some simple user guides to help you choose the correct lights for you. Alternatively, download our range of instalation guides, to help you install your lights with the minimum amount of fuss.


    Last but not least, why not take advantage of our superb Magicshine Gift Vouchers? These vouchers allow your friends and family to choose the lighting system that best suits them.

    If you should have any questions about which bike lights to choose, please see our FAQ page or contact us directly.

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